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Payday Loans FAQ

The following are some of the questions asked by our customers regularly about the cash advances or payday loans. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, please contact us to send your inquiries and we will try to respond to your queries as early as possible.

What is a cash advance or payday loan?

Cash advance or payday loans are loans of a smaller amount usually between $100 to $1500 depending on the state laws and the income of the person. This loan is designed to meet your immediate money needs until you receive your next paycheck.

How is it different from other loans?

This loan is a financial support that allowed the people to access the required cash quickly at the time of an emergency. This loan is available to any customer despite their bad credit scores. There is no need for the customer to go through the hassle of checking the credit score to get the emergency fund. The process of approval is faster than trying to get a loan from banks or other traditional lenders.

How to qualify for a payday loan?

The rules are simple, to qualify for this particular loan. You just need to be 18 years or older, legally a citizen of the United States and employed or should have any other regular source of income like pensions, have an active bank account and have a valid telephone number or email address to apply for the loan. You should also meet the minimum income requirement.

How much can I borrow?

The loan amount approved will depend on the various information you provide through your application. Usually, the new customers may receive smaller amounts compared to the returning customers. The loan amount available also depends on the restrictions placed by the states.

How much does it cost?

The amount you need to be repaid depends on your financial condition, the amount borrowed by you, the state in which you live, and whether you are making the repayment on time or not. Fee charges like interest, finance charges, late fees, etc., are applicable on the borrowed amount. Please review the loan carefully to determine the charges applicable to you.

What if I fail to repay the loan on time?

Make sure that you do not opt for a payday loan if you have any doubt regarding the repayment of the loan on time. We know that emergencies can happen and if you cannot repay the loan on time, you can contact us as early as possible and inform about the situation. The interest on your debt will accumulate if you fail to pay the debt on time.

Can I pay off the payday loan early?

Yes, you can pay off your loan early if your financial situation improves and there is no penalty for paying the loan at an earlier date.

Can I apply again?

Once you pay off the loan, you can certainly apply for the loans again. We are happy to build a relationship with our customers. You will get lower interest rates when you are a repeat customer.